Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Game 98: Pirates at Nationals

Beer Fort (hovercraft edition) anchored off the coast of Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. We are enjoying this pistol-whipping of the hapless Senators by satellite.


  1. Travis8:06 PM

    I'm not crINGEng as much now when I look at the PBC bench.

    Bickle actually might end up being a decent bench guy and 4th OF someday, No More, No Less.

    1. Anonymous8:25 PM

      He'll work anytime, anywhere.

      Iowa Pirate

    2. Now is the time for him to stand up (straight).

  2. Travis9:36 PM

    Yet another play by Mercer at SS that Barmes would have never made in his entire career.

    Especially now when Mercer plays with his heels on the grass and Barmes is 2 steps in from the grass mostly.

    Hurdle should forever be Merciful at SS now I hope.

  3. Liking the Bryan Morris Inspector Clouseau moustache he is sporting when the bullpen pheun is ranging. Bickle is going to get himself organizized now that Inge has been shipped and will no doubt be an Astro within the fortnight. With Melancon defying the portable shower and monkey cage, Greg Brown comes off on air as the guy who brings too many warm diet sodas to his fantasy baseball draft. Also, a statement game from Messr Martin.

  4. Not a fan of BarmeSTRIKEOUT, but pretty sure he'd make plays in circles around Mercer at SS. Maybe the more important question is who would win the BUNT OFF. So far this year: BUNTarmes 6, Mercer 3. Mercer's been a much better hitter though, yes.

  5. Entertained by this El Toro photoshop work: