Saturday, November 19, 2005

Designated for assignment

Tike, Hill, Restovich, and Jeff Miller. This makes room for Rule 5 draft protection for Sharpless, Stansberry, Javier Guzman and De Caster.

Getting serious now?

Bay on signing: "I think, first and foremost, it kind of lays a foundation. It's going to show other people that we're going toward something. It's like 'Hey, the Pirates are getting serious now. They're out there trying to win this'... I'm not saying that by signing me we're going to win, but I think that it's a sign that we're taking a step in the right direction."

Friday, November 18, 2005

Rule 5 buffet

So, who might we leave off the roster for this year's Rule 5 grabbery?

And who might we grab? Any early analysis?

Bay signs through 2009

A rare good day for Pirates fans. Bay signs for $18.25 million through 2009. Our best player gets "a $1 million signing bonus and salaries of $750,000 next year, $3.25 million in 2007, $5.75 million in 2008 and $7.5 million in 2009. His salary in the final year could also escalate by up to $750,000."

"I've had a tough time sleeping the last two nights and now that this day's actually here, it's a very emotional day for me and I'm extremely, extremely happy," a choked-up Bay said. All hail Jason Bay! All hail extreme, extreme happiness!

And on top of all that, the press conference made no mention of Benito Santiago or Julio Franco contracts. I can not tell if this is true or dream.

Maddox to start

"It's the hand we're dealt," Cowher said.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Some picks

St. Louis, Carolina, Indy, Oakland, Tampa Bay, Seattle, Buffalo, Pittsburgh, Green Bay.

I can't get that Steelers-Browns video erased from my mind. The horror! Visions of dog-on-stuffed-dog sodomy will haunt us in hell.

...also Philly and Jacksonville. Don't give a damn about McNabb or TO, this is a good play I think esp. with the big line.

Steeler defense has weakness

Michael David Smith broke down the film of the Sunday night game and writes, "A close analysis of every play of the Pittsburgh victory revealed a defense that disguises its fronts to confuse the offense, relentlessly pressures the opposing quarterback, and has the deepest front seven in the NFL. It also, however, showed one serious weakness that its opponents can be expected to exploit for the rest of the season." More here.

Pujols wins, Bay robbed

Finally, Pujols gets his. Jones had a nice year, but how could this even be close? To add to the confusion, our beloved Jason Bay got hosed with 12th place. Consider the following OPS (BA/OBP/SLG):

Pujols..1.039 (.330/.430/.609)
Lee.....1.080 (.335/.418/.662)
Delgado...981 (.301/.399/.582)
Bay.......961 (.306/.402/.559)
Cabrera...946 (.323/.385/.561)
Ensberg...945 (.283/.388/.557)
Jones.....922 (.263/.347/.575)
Giles.....906 (.301/.423/.483)
Burrell...893 (.281/.389/.504)
Abreu.....879 (.286/.405/.474)
Rollins...769 (.290/.338/.431)

All of these other guys finished ahead of Bay. Delgado missed 21 games to Bay's 0, and can't run or field like Bay. Rollins plays SS and finished on fire (1.1 OPS in Sept) but was nothing special (.714 OPS) in the first half. Bay played everyday while Carpenter and Dontrelle didn't, so I'd have voted Bay third behind Pujols and Lee. Why is Andruw a close second to Pujols and ten places in front of Bay? Because he's a Brave or because of the flashy Gold Glove? Sure wasn't clutch hitting:


Scott Eyre and Jose Reyes get votes for 10th? Huh?

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Steelers-Browns home video

You have to see this to believe this recap and commentary.

Thanks to Tim for sending the link.

Bones: Don't open this in front of your boss, easily offendable people, children, or canines. Does anyone have a tiny-stuffed-dog-sized Ravens jersey to send these wonderful creatures?

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Monday, November 14, 2005

Steelers 34, Browns 21

Tied for first. Charlie Batch looked sharp and broke his hand. Fourth-string QB Randle El now has a QB rating of 158.3. Next week the Steelers go to Baltimore while Cincy hosts Indy.

Catch # 538

Hines Ward passed Stallworth tonight, moving into first place for Steeler career receptions. With Hines' 8 catches tonight, he's at 543. All hail Hines!

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Cuban aces Smizik quiz

Smizik's five questions to Cuban:

Q: "If you bought the Pirates would you give up day-to-day operation of the Mavericks?"
A: "No."

Q: "Are you really interested in buying the Pirates or are you just a long-time frustrated fan who's disappointed with the way the team is being run?"
A: "Both."

Q: "You told the Associated Press the Pirates said the team wasn't for sale. Were you just inquiring or did you make a firm offer?"
A: "Inquiring."

Q: "If the team goes on the market after the 2006 season, would you still be interested?"
A: "Yes."

Q: "You are a hands-on owner. If you bought the Pirates, would you move to Pittsburgh?"
A: "No, but I would spend more time there. I have several close friends who want to be part of the group. We all grew up together. They have been very successful in business and still live in Pittsburgh. So there would be plenty of attention."

Bob likes Cuban:
Cuban's success with the Mavericks has been truly impressive. Consider:

In the four full seasons before he bought the team, the Mavericks were 84-212. When he took over in January of 2000, the team was 9-23. It finished that season by going 31-10. Over the next five seasons, the Mavericks were 280-130.

The Cuban way is more than spending money. He's a marketing wizard who treats his fans like they are valued customers. He energized the entire franchise and much of the Dallas-Ft. Worth area with the force of his gung-ho personality.