Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Pitcher, catcher wanted in trade

Ken Davidoff writes that the Mets would trade youth for a catcher and pitcher. He must have written this before he had his morning cup of coffee, for Ronny Paulino is nowhere mentioned as someone the Mets surely covet.

It had me wondering, though, if the new bosses might trade one of Snell or Gorzelanny. Either player should fetch a great deal in minor-league talent. The wisdom of such a decision depends on whether or not one thinks the Pirates will contend soon. It also depends on one's opinion of young starting pitchers as building blocks. The example of Oakland's once-famed trio still comes to mind. Are they the best thing to collect, or is their inherent volatility - the greater risk of performance-impairing injury - something that would make you eager, as a GM, to trade them high?

We all know how Littlefield would answer this question, but what will Huntington do? Any idea how he'd define a "solid core" about which to build?

The Pirates have to improve their offense to get anywhere. I don't know how that happens quickly if they will not sign expensive free agents. If they intend to grow the talent, that could take many years. Who on this roster would still be here when they finally harvest enough home-grown hitting talent?

Monday, November 19, 2007


The Post-Gazette indicates that the next wave of Pirate excitement will be all about some coaches getting hired.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

NFL week 11: Steelers at Jets

The Steelers have yet to impress on the road in a non-division game. The Jets are 1-8 in this season with no parity.