Saturday, July 07, 2007

Game 87: Cubs at Pirates

Ted Lilly and John VB pretty soon. Give 'em snell, flash boy.

Brandy mohito

I tell you what, this is a good drink: a. lemon juice, b. sugar, c. ice, d. mint (lots of it -- fresh from the garden), e. brandy. Lime juice is better, yes, but lemon juice will do. And some San Pellegrino -- that is good, but if you run out, regular water is OK too. OR just let the ice melt. And of course you want to use rum, but if you run out of Appleton's, like I just did, the brandy leftover from Thanksgiving and Christmas works good too. Cheers! Here's to me!

There's going to be a baseball game somewhat soon. The Pirates will play ... I forget. I am sure, though, there will be no Ian Snell or Tom Gorzelanny.

This Bixler is a prospect

John Perrotto says so.

Nutting does homework

Dejan Kovacevic on the new, quiet leadership of the master fly-fisherman:

Nutting is not the type, his acquaintances inside and outside the Pirates' organization say, to make business decisions without first-hand information or experience. Although he has been the Pirates' chairman of the board since 2003, it was not until January that he supplanted McClatchy as principal owner. And it is from that point alone that he considers himself to have been in charge.

Since then, in addition to a surprising trip to the Dominican Republic in May to examine why the Pirates have fared so poorly at producing Latin American talent in the past decade, some close to Nutting say he has become deeply -- albeit quietly -- engrossed in many aspects of the team's operations, asking questions and seeking accountability along the way.

It does not sound like Nutting is much upset with Littlefield or Tracy, but Kovacevic does hint here that Nutting might find a qualified mentor and follow his advice. You know what that means ... FAX in your resum├ęs. Sludgeworm's long career at the wastewater treatment plant will be hard to challenge, but you never know who will make what cut in the process.

Full story here.

Friday, July 06, 2007

Game 86: Cubs at Pirates

Marquis and Maholm at seven. I will look for exiting CEO Kevin McClatchy behind home plate. Those big sunglasses will shield our view of his tears, I imagine.

McClatchy to resign

At the end of the year, the P-G reports.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Beer dream

If I was the coach of this team, I'd take that 3 of 4 from Milwaukee and give the team the worst ear-blistering they've ever experienced. I'd make them sorry they chose baseball as a career. How do you take 3 of 4 from the best team in the National League and then wind up nine games under .500?

There would be a lot of profanity in my ear-blistering.

Game 85: Brewers at Pirates

Gorzelanny vs. Sheets, starting soon. LaRoche bats third.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Get Michael Bourn?

There are reports the Phillies might trade rookie centerfielder Michael Bourn for pitching help. For example, there's Steven Miller for the Morning Call Online. Ken Rosenthal also reported Bourn could go to leverage their glut of quality outfielders.

The Pirates got some love from the fans for acquiring Adam LaRoche. If the Phillies would part with this good-OBP small-ballin' basestealer for pitching help, I'd guess the Littlefield would be sitting around, waiting for the Phillies to return his calls.

Bourn or no Bourn, I wonder what other later-July expectations, predictions, or recommendations you might have.

And for the record, I am pro-Bourn and think he'd make a good addition to this team.

Game 84: Brewers at Pirates

Bellowing there groan'd
A noise as of a sea in tempest torn
By warring winds. The stormy blast of Snell
With restless fury drives the spirits on
Whirl'd round and dash'd amain with sore annoy.

Vargas and Snell at four.

Burnett to see Dr. Andrews

For a second opinion, the P-G reports.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Game 83: Brewers at Pirates

Youman vs. Capuano, starting now.

Torres calls DL a liar, demands trade

Salomon Torres is mad as hell, Dejan Kovacevic reports:

"... I'm just tired of being treated like this. I'm tired of the lies. I gave this team everything. I bought a house in Pittsburgh to be part of the city. But, if you're going to lie to me, trade me."
Strange story. Sully charges DL duped him into signing a cheap contract by "strongly suggesting" the Bucs would rent one of Torres' Dominican baseball academies. The Bucs declined, and Torres filed a grievance in March. Now Sully claims the Bucs have delayed his rehab longer than necessary to retaliate.

It's hard to sympathize here with Torres, who did not have an agent for these negotiations, got nothing in writing, and apparently took the word of a well-known Master Liar. Furthermore, I can't see why the team would unnecessarily delay Torres' return, given the dire situation in the bullpen where Kuwata and Wasdin are trotted out in high-leverage situations.

Fallout: Torres is alienated and has probably just diminished his trade value, thanks to DL.

Duke to see Dr. Andrews

For a second opinion, the P-G reports.

Honest competition

The Mighty MJD on honest competition, jerkwheats, institutional loafing, and the threat to baseball's integrity that is Bob Nutting (link via WHYGAVS).

Monday, July 02, 2007

Game 82: Brewers at Pirates

Van Benschoten vs. Suppan, 7:05 PM EDT.

Haloscan has been having problems all day, so comments have not been working.

Duke's elbow

No dye leakage on the arthrogram, so Duke's elbow ligaments are not torn, the P-G reports. Duke will rest for two weeks and could be back in early August.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Duke and Duffy on DL

Tests on Duke's sore elbow will be done tomorrow, the AP reports. Youman will start in Duke's place. Duffy was also placed on the DL, replaced by utilityman Matt Kata, the P-G reports.

Game 81: Nationals at Pirates

Maholm vs. Bacsik, starting now.

Protest 1, Nutting 0

Only about 100 people actually left PNC, the AP reports, confirmed by Pat (who was one of those ~100). The PG's Robert Dvorchak estimates about 1,000 left their seats. Pat's summary at WHYGAVS estimates 2-5,000, in which Pat declares Nutting victorious.

While I'm disappointed more people didn't walk out or at least get up for an inning, I think the protest had already accomplished its primary goal before the game even started: increasing awareness of the front office failure. Without the protest, Baseball Tonight doesn't devote several minutes to discussing the front office incompetence. Passan would have never written the "Nutting on MLB's teat" piece, and an AP story on the protest and the McNutting/DL losing streak doesn't run nationwide. Charlie wouldn't have written his pre and post protest thoughts, and Pat's uncle wouldn't have sat him down and set him straight. Bottom line: Pirate fans win, Nutting loses. Nutting might be an all-world fly-fisherman and businessman, but in any discussion involving baseball and with his current track record, Bob Nutting is a Loser.