Saturday, March 04, 2006

Pirates and Red Sox

Red Socks? Never heard of them--this team any good? Game at 1pm on KDKA, gameday audio, too.

One for the sixth finger

Sixth finger? Dan Reynolds for the Pittsburgh Business Times:

[Tim] Schuldt [Pirates VP of marketing] also sought to remind reporters at a press conference at PNC Park's Home Plate Club Friday morning that although the Pittsburgh Steelers won their fifth world championship last month, the Pirates have been holders of five world championships for decades. "At the end of things, our vision for the club is to put that sixth ring on that sixth finger," Schuldt said."

Bones could find better, I'm sure, but in the meantime here are some pictures suggesting our dreams of much-be-blinged polydactylism.


Get used to the new slogan:

The phrase will be featured prominently throughout PNC Park and in the team's advertising. It applies to everyone from players and those in the front office to the grounds crew, Mr. McClatchy said in an interview.
WE WILL mow and water the grass. There'll be music too:
With less money going to professional fees, the team could create more spots, which include music from several recording artists including U2, KISS, John Lee Hooker and REO Speedwagon.
The 20 different TV ads begin airing on Monday. Rowdy and I used to have some KISS records. I wonder which song the Bucs will feature in their commercial. Great Expectations? Cold Gin? Sweet Pain? Psycho Circus? Lick it up?

Friday, March 03, 2006

Still undefeated

Every little bit counts.



Based on that report from Dejan Kovacevic, it's looking the "we will" might end with "be patient at the plate."

"For the most part, we did an exceptional job," Tracy said. "We made defensive plays, we ran the bases very well, we threw a lot of quality strikes, made some quality pitches in situations when we needed them, and our at-bats today ..."

The patience at the plate clearly was Tracy's favorite aspect.

"I've told these guys: Get yourself in situations to swing in favorable counts. There are a lot of guys in Pirates uniforms who are going to get better if they maintain the approach they showed here. We did a terrific job of that."

Zach Duke starts today. There's no more radio, I think, until Saturday. Until then, we'll have to get out the baseball cards, spread them around the diamond, and fantasize our own play-by-play.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Play ball

This 1:05 game should be on your radio, your streaming MLB thinger, or maybe the what, the XM or the Sirius, I forget which.

New regalia

Just changed all the stuff in the store.

I know cafepress is not everyone's favorite purveyor of fine t-shirts. Any better ideas? It's free and it's easy, and the quality of the t-shirts is great. And where else can you get an Honest Wagner throw pillow? Tell me that wouldn't look great in your drinking room.

Game on

They will play some baseball today. Box score will be here.

I will have to go to the store to get some more beer. In the meantime, I will finish this Otter Creek Stovepipe Porter and get to bed.

We will

Hey, so that's gonna be the official slogan, DK reports.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

2006 Pirate Slogans?

So what will replace the 2005 "Come hungry" slogan? Here's my preliminary thoughts - please help with better ideas:

"Come sleepy" (featuring Duke, Ollie, and Maholm striking people out, Jack and Jose turning circus double plays, and Jason Bay getting stranded at third by a Burnitz K. Camera zooms in on the scoreboard operator who dozes off after putting up another "0" in the 15th inning of a scoreless game. A montage follows of fans in the stands, happily sleeping through yet another low-scoring game.)

"Don't worry, be happy." (to music, featuring a smiling Randa, Casey, and Jack shaking hands and kissing babies in the stands.)

"Who let the vets out?" (to music, featuring Roberto, Casey, Randa, and Burnitz clowning around in the stands, shaking hands. Roberto playfully uses a walker.)

"New mascot!" (featuring Jolly Roger hugging fans and kissing babies in the stands.)

"Jason Bay!" (featuring Jason Bay roping extra-base-hits, healing the sick/deaf/blind, walking on water, etc.)

"Jacked up!" (featuring the suddenly beefy Jack breaking down bathroom doors to free various teammates, bowling catchers over Wiggy-style, and counting a huge stack of money.)

"The Pep Boys: Manny, Bay, and Jack!"

The umpire was kind of in my way

Andrew McCutcheon, the only teenager in camp.

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Mardi Gras over

Last call.

Jack Wilson's three-year contract extension

Wow. ... I'm surprised. Can't think too clear-minded about it right now.

The Rotation

It's too early to panic about the rotation. Sure it's inexperienced and way left-handed. And it's thin too, as Dejan Kovacevic reports. Eight guys will not be enough for the season.

But eight guys should be plenty for March and April.


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