Friday, November 30, 2007

Cards sign Izturis

The St. Louis Dispatch reports that it is Izturis who will bat ninth for La Russa. This makes it more doubtful that the Pirates will trade Jack Wilson.

The Kuwata signing must have forced St. Louis's hand. With the Japanese master coming to Altoona or Indy, Izturis was the only Dandy House veteran on the market.

Kuwata returns

Dejan Kovacevic reports:

Reliever Masumi Kuwata, who made 19 appearances for the Pirates last year and considered retirement after posting a 9.43 ERA, has informed general manager Neal Huntington he would like to return to the team next season. Kuwata is flying from Japan to the United States for a medical exam early next week. He is willing to take a one-year, minor-league contract, as he did last season.
Is there a Dandy House in Indy?

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Kendall to Brewers

Well, there goes our chance to contend in the NL Central.

I wonder if Jason still practices that play. You know, the one that Ronny Paulino did not practice in all of 2007. Does Kendall have to practice that play?

Is that why he gets the big bucks?

Monday, November 26, 2007

NFL week 12

The 0-10 Miami Dolphins are in town.

Fridge is full of Lagunitas IPA. I am ready for kickoff.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Starting from scratch

Dejan Kovacevic is back and he writes about potentially "outrageous" prices for Bay or Wilson in trade.

He also remarks that a Bay or a Wilson trade would not be popular with the fans. He knows better than me. Still, I doubt it. There aren't too many fans left, so I guess he could ask for a show of hands. That would answer the question pretty decisively--assuming he can get the attention of all five fans.

Whatever happens, too, cannot be called a "rebuilding." When is the last time the team was "built"? I would say they are not rebuilding but starting from scratch.

Kovacevic also notes that the Pirates might send Castillo after Phelps.