Saturday, August 25, 2007

Game 128: Pirates at Astros

Morris vs. Patton soon. Kata in LF tonight for Bay. Wiggy starting at third for the 'Stros.

Torres to DL

Romulo! Sanchez recalled from Altoona to take Sully's place, Dejan Kovacevic reports. Not joining him on the DL is Nady, despite having a torn hammy. Nady will fight for DL's job in PH situations. Torres will have company around the buzzsaw in the trainer's room:

Duffy has had rotator cuff damage for two years and is considering surgery.

Clayton Hamilton is out for a year after medical staff misdiagnosed a broken rib (John Perrotto report via Vlad at Primer).

Second round pick Duke Welker was shut down due to arm pain, Dejan reported last week.

Committee of One

Paul Meyer on Bob Nutting's top-secret CEO hunt, this time with no huge picture.

Didn't like this part:

And one National League front-office person thinks that, at the end of the day, Littlefield -- whose contract runs through 2008 -- could remain the team's general manager.

"Why else do you allow him to take on $15 million for next season at the trading deadline [July 31] if he isn't coming back?" that person said, referring to the $9.5 million owed to pitcher Matt Morris and the $5.45 million club option for shortstop Cesar Izturis in 2008.

Dejan mentioned that Nutting approved of the Morris trade in part because Nutting liked Matt Morris as a pitcher. As for Cesar, although he's not a good baseball player, he brings other things to the table.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Game 126: Pirates at Rockies

Maholm vs. Morales, starting soon. Kata starting at third.

Craig Monroe has been traded to the Cubs.

Baseball Guy, CEO

Nutting says new CEO will be Baseball Guy, Paul Meyer reports. (Warning: superhuge picture of Bob Nutting precedes story in above link). Crossing off Bill Nutting and Bean Counter, today's new CEO Odds are:

Dan Duquette: 3:1
Walt Jocketty: 5:1
Joe Garagiola, Jr.: 20:1
Chuck Greenberg: 20:1
Other Baseball Guy: 3:1
Dave Littlefield: zero

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Game 125: Pirates at Rockies

Tom Gorzelanny and some guy, dunno who he is, never heard of him, Joseph Fogg. Starting in half an hour.

Looking good

Thumbs up for the new PG webpage redesign.

The book

It sounds to me like Jerome Bettis has out now a fun book. Ed Bouchette summarizes on that link.

Dan Duquette, CEO candidate

Pirates CEO candidate Dan Duquette has met with Bob Nutting, the BCT's John Perrotto reports. For no other reason, Dan becomes the early favorite in today's HW CEO Odds:

Dan Duquette: 3:1
Bill Nutting: 4:1
Chuck Greenberg: 4:1
Joe Garagiola, Jr.: 10:1
Walt Jocketty: 50:1
Bean Counter: even
Baseball Guy: 3:2
George W. Bush: 1,000,000:1
Mark Cuban: 10,000,000:1
Dave Littlefield: zero

Is Dan Duquette evil, stupid, or neither? Who's missing from the list?

Duffy's shoulder

Duffy's having an MRI on his shoulder today, which we now learn has been bothering him since spring, Dejan Kovacevic reports.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Monday, August 20, 2007

Game 123: Pirates at Rockies

Matt Morris vs. Ubaldo Jimenez at 9:05 PM EDT.

Monday chat

Dejan Kovacevic in today's chat thinks upper management will be the first focus of the new CEO. The update on the CEO search: Paul Meyer will be reporting the search for the P-G and "there is a process in place".

Sunday, August 19, 2007