Friday, April 03, 2009

HW 2009 Readers' Poll #2

From DK's PBC blog, I copy the pitchers:

Starting pitchers: Paul Maholm, Zach Duke, Ian Snell, Ross Ohlendorf, Jeff Karstens

Relievers: Matt Capps, John Grabow, Tyler Yates, Sean Burnett, Craig Hansen, Donnie Veal, Jesse Chavez

Q. Which starter will finish the season with the most innings? Which reliever?

Thursday, April 02, 2009

HW 2009 Readers' Poll

Deeply entombed in the heavily fortified HW beer fort, we're more than ready to weather out the imminent losing. While the 2009 losing should be epic, in a setting-the-record-for-the-worst-team-ever kind of way, we're hopeful that by September we'll emerge with a breathtaking new lease on life, as some of the kids bum rush the show. For now though, it's 2009 prediction time, so please humor us in the comments:

1. How many games will the Pirates win in 2009?
2. When will the 82nd loss occur?
3. Any other predictions?

I'll start:
1. 62. On paper the team looks awful. Awful pitching in particular.
2. August 30th
3. Andy LaRoche is going to break out offensively. Half of the Opening Day team will stink and be sent down or released.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009


McCutchen sent down, Dejan reports. At times we've struggled with Neal's struggles. Now we just don't get why McCutchen needs to learn how to bunt better for struggle-insurance:

"We still have to work on the base-stealing, on the bunting, so that, when he does struggle, he can pull that third baseman in and find his way on base."
All that said, I appreciate Neal's efforts to strategize for 2016 more than 2009.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Getting beat down

Xavier Nady, who played for the Pirates from 2006 to 2008:

When you first got here, what was the most eye-opening aspect of playing with the Yankees?

"For me, it's just the tradition of winning. And in the city, there's a lot of emphasis on winning. When you throw on that Yankees uniform, you're expected to play the game right. Coming from different organizations like Pittsburgh, it was just kind of like, over and over getting beat down. When I came over to Yankee Stadium, it was just an honor to put on that uniform. It was a dream come true."

Ouch. Full interview, by Marc Carig for the New Jersey Star-Ledger, here.