Saturday, July 30, 2005

Mesa and Ward to Mets?

The New York Daily News reports:

Recent discussions also have been held with the Pirates about closer Jose Mesa and first baseman Daryle Ward, for prospects that could include Double-A catcher Mike Jacobs or reliever Matt Lindstrom, an NL source said, but those talks have been casual because the Mets haven't determined the direction they want to go.

Deadline is Sunday 4 PM EST.

Game 104: Pirates at Braves

7:05 PM EST. Redman (or Snell if Redman is traded) vs. Kyle Davies.

Yorman Bazardo

The Palm Beach Post is reporting that the Marlins are talking to the Bucs about trading Mark Redman for RHP Yorman Bazardo. The Marlins are also talking to Seattle about Villone for Bazardo.

BP2005 has this to say about Yorman Bazardo (with my parenthetical additions):

"The convention of using a July 1 cutoff to determine player age mislabels Bazardo, who's an "old" 20 (DOB: 7/11/84). Scouts love him for his mid-90s fastball and slider. The low strikeout rate (95 K in 154.3 IP in 2004 at Jupiter in A) is a definite concern, although it's mitigated by his great control (only 30 BB in those same 154.3 IP) and insanely low home-run rate (only 3 in 2004). The real concern is his arm; by no means has Bazardo been abused, but the attrition rate is high for guys this young and this advanced."

This year for the AA Carolina Mudcats, young Yorman is 8-6 with a 3.79 ERA. In 107 IP, he's given up 103 H, allowed 12 HR, and has 35 BB to 72 K. Looks like the "insanely low home-run rate" is gone. Overall, I think he seems like a nice prospect, and could be a good return for Redman. Anyone ever seen Bazardo pitch?

Saturday Dejan

New Dejan notebook reports on the Cardinals' interest in Lawton. DK also serves up Doumit's explanation for freezing in the batters box after making the final out Thursday night : he thought he fouled the ball high in the air.

Friday, July 29, 2005

Duke changes tire

The PG reports:

"Duke showed another skill yesterday in changing a flat tire for the taxi that took him, Ryan Doumit and Chris Duffy to Dolphins Stadium. All three helped after they could see the cabbie struggling, but Duke was the main mechanic. "When you grow up in the country, you've got to know how to do stuff like that," Duke said. "Wasn't my first time."

What's not to like about this kid? Same article says Mac is thinking about moving Duke's next start up to Sunday. Also says DL is claiming next years payroll could leap to $50 million. All hail that.

On the trade front, Yankees get Chacon, making Kip to NYY seem unlikely. The rumor mill has Boston looking at Lawton and Mets looking at Mesa. Lawton for Bronson Arroyo? Mesa for Keppinger and Anna Benson? Please post any trade rumors you all overhear.

Game 103: Pirates at Braves

7:35 EST. Dave Williams takes on Horacio Ramirez in the first of four in Atlanta. Dave looks to repeat his one-hit effort.

Meanwhile, in the other half of the cellar, the Reds face David Ross in SD.

Ross traded to Padres for J.J. Furmaniak

So long, Dave. Thanks for the memories.

Welcome aboard, J.J. At first I boggled at the thought of getting yet another utility middle infielder, but after reading up on J.J., I like this trade. The soon-to-be-26-year-old Furmaniak has a little power and can play SS, 2B or 3B. A nice return for Ross it seems. You can never have too many versatile middle-infielders, right?

Beware though, he has had "Maniac" played for his pre-at-bat music.

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Game 102: Pirates at Marlins

7:05 PM EST. Kip vs. Dontrelle. The D-Train has been pistol-whipped in his last three starts to the tune of 25 H, 23 ER, 5 BB, 7 K in 13 IP. Huh, does the showboat have a rip in his space suit?

Go yard, young Brad. Go yard.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Game 100: Pirates at Marlins

Seven o'clock. Josh Fogg and Brian Moehler.

Newsday thinks the Yankees will acquire Redman as soon as any other pitcher. In classic NY style, however, they won't sound excited about it.

John Perrotto runs down the players Littlefield demands. Sounds to me like he is demanding the right players. He has nothing to lose, I think; it's no huge disaster if the deadline comes and goes, and we didn't move any of these veterans.

Stats Geek is happy.

Monday, July 25, 2005

Harry Potter hit by Pirates

No shit.

Bucs happy with new strikers.

Yankees might shop for Redman.

Slow news day.

Day off

The players get the day off to travel.

Some Redman non-news here.

Gonzo should be back mid-August.

Ken Rosenthal reports The Mets have Mesa on a short list. Also this:

One executive's scouting report on Pirates rookie first baseman Brad Eldred, whom the team promoted last Friday amid great anticipation: "When he swings and misses awkwardly, he looks like (Steve) Balboni. And when he hits it, he also looks like Balboni. He's a powerful, powerful man."

Steve Balboni numbers here.