Saturday, November 04, 2006

This stupid losing feeling

Brett Keisel, via Gerry Dulac, says it all:

"We need to get that feeling back again instead of this stupid losing feeling."
In other Steelers news, even the ACL tear in Haynes' knee isn't enough to play Duce. Instead, Najeh becomes the 3rd down back, and John Kuhn will suit up. The OL has been shuffled: Simmons will start, and Okobi replaces Harting. (BTW, Chukky would like to point out that he did NOT look like an idiot in Oakland: "But did I look like an idiot? No.") Importantly, NT Casey Hampton should return for Sunday's game.

All hail EddieHarks!

For his 8-3 ATS picks, securing the NFL week 8 HW pick 'em pool victory. Meanwhile, Rowdy and I both stunk again. Confidence is a fragile thing. Rowdy and I have no reason to be confident swamis at this point. We haven't done the things it takes to pick winning football teams.

Friday, November 03, 2006

HW salutes: Steve Peeler

Exasperated over 14 years of losing baseball? Disappointed in a 2-5 football team? Too lazy to fill out the Penguins' bandwagon application? Yet desperately seeking a hero? Meet PNC head groundskeeper Steve Peeler, who's been busting his ass. For some reason in April, perhaps due to lack of other heart-lifting stories about the Bucs, caught up with Peeler. The 14 hour days were taking its toll:

"Honestly, it feels like a piano on your back come Opening Day," Peeler said...

"We've rebuilt this field over the winter, so parts of the season, especially in the first month, there's going to be adjustments that will need to be made for the players' satisfaction, Jim Tracy's satisfaction, and also Dave Littlefield's satisfaction." ...

"My health has gone downhill quite a bit. I try to remain a healthy person, but over the past few years, I've had some anxiety problems and I think it all stems from this. You can have the best stadium, the best players, but if you don't have a good field, there's nothing. It's definitely a young man's game. The older you get, it really wears you thin. I know it's worn me thin. Sometimes you ask yourself, 'Is it really worth all this?' "

Don't answer that one, Steve. During the ASB, USAT also caught up with Steve:
"Because his hours are so long and can be erratic, Peeler has a small "apartment" in the park for his overnight stays — a windowless room with a pullout couch, desk, television and computer."
Despite the unimportant on-field baseball product, one tireless man works himself into the ground. For the field, for the players, for Tracy, for DL, and for you, loyal Pirates fan. All hail Steve Peeler!

Randa retires

The Joker is done:

"I pretty much made up my mind before last season started that it would be my last."
Have fun with your kids and your $4,000,000, Joe. (link via Bucs Dugout).

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Pirates close to signing Cuban right-hander

Baseball America's John Manuel reports. Some relevant clips:

Herrera, 25, has finalized a deal on a major league contract with the Pirates, though the deal is not official pending Herrera passing a physical. . . .

Herrera has had success in Cuba, with a career 18-7, 3.72 record. Pirates general manager Dave Littlefield said nothing was official with Herrera, though [his agent Jaime] Torres said the physical is the only legal obstacle to the signing. He confirmed the organization's interest in Herrera, saying the Pirates have "seen him a few times in the Dominican. I know there's interest from other clubs. I just don't want to comment until it's really official."

The 6-foot-2, 200-pound righthander, who is still working out in Santo Domingo in the Dominican, has shown command of a fringy fastball and what Torres termed an above-average curveball, and one scout liked him a lot.

"He's got an above-average split-finger (fastball) and was 88-92," the scout said after seeing Herrera pitch in a workout in August. "I could see his velocity jumping up to 90-94 once he gets into a system and he could very easily be a No. 4 starter in the big leagues."

He's young.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

One of us! One of us!

Raiders to Steelers: "We accept you, one of us! Gooble Gobble!" No doubt there's gobbling in Cleveland tonight as well. What a turkey this season turned out to be. Kinda reminds me of the season turned in by another local professional team . . .

NFL week 8: Steelers at Raiders

The 2-4 Steelers go west to face the 1-5 Raiders. If the Steelers hand over another one, they'll be tied with the Raiders in the wins column.

We get an extra hour to prepare for this one. All hail the end of daylight savings time! Game on at 5:15 4:15.

Bouchette's weekly miscellany

Ed Bouchette wrote some good stuff here.

I agree that the NFL could do us all some favors by putting the MLB to shame. The NFL could have put Jacksonville at Houston on Sunday night and outdrawn the World Series. Such a move would force the MLB to make their playoffs more compelling.