Friday, December 05, 2008

Endearingly ridiculous

Bruce Reed, Pirate blog connoisseur and former domestic policy adviser in the Clinton administration, writes a fantastic piece on Rinku and Dinesh for Slate.

Meanwhile our new friends appear on CNN and have Thanksgiving dinner. Everyone is just stuffing their heads.

Waiting for the trade

Both the Dodgers and Tigers are in the mix for Jack Wilson, and Jack is willing to renegotiate his contract for the Dodgers, the P-G reports.

Tracy flashback

A search for a suitable Jack Wilson tribute video on youtube instead turns up one of Tracy's attempts at the longest sentence ever, from the glory days of the DL firing (fast forward to one minute for Tracy and Jack on DL's pink slip). Tracy:

You know I have a job to do here and I can honestly tell you that up to this point I can hold my head very high knowing the fact that where I felt like we were when we began on opening day of 2006 and where we're at right now, this is heading in the direction that a guy, as the manager of this club, would want to see it go.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Jack not traded yet

Dejan reports that Coonelly denies the report that Jack Wilson has been traded to the Tigers.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008


Dejan thinks he failed to put Rene Gayo into words in Part 3 of his Dominican series. The walking contradiction of Rene Gayo could be simplified into Tracyese: Rene is a big, powerful-looking, big man. Who breaks into tears upon remembering giving away an extra 10K of Mr. Nutting's money.

In other news, Rinku and Dinesh don't yet break the top 5 international Bucco prospects, and Ed Eagle catches up with Dave Parker, who makes his case for the Hall-of-Fame.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

NFL week 13

Hellified ball at Foxborough starting soon.

All hail Sadid

Part one of Dejan's Caribbean story (with movie) features Rene Gayo at work signing 18-year-old Sadid Frias for seven times what Rinku and Dinesh got. The story mentions the Pirates used DNA and bone tests to nullify the contract of one of last year's Dominican signees, "Joldi Sierra", who was lying about his name and age. All hail honest young Sadid Frias, and the tripling of Rene Gayo's budget!