Thursday, July 25, 2013

Game 100: Pirates at Nationals

A.J. Burnett will bite the head off the rosin bag.

Gio Gonzalez will start for the Nats at twelve-thirty.


  1. AJ starts us off with a HBP. Nice.

  2. horrific error

  3. Anonymous1:05 PM

    Put a tent over this circus.

    Iowa Pirate

  4. Rowdy1:07 PM


  5. Travis1:09 PM

    Maybe this causes and sets off a Lumber Company comeback today.

    Not holding my breath for that though.

  6. Rowdy1:52 PM

    Rowdietta just asked: "Is it Walgreens against the Pirates?"

  7. Rowdy2:38 PM

    First team to six will win this one.

  8. Travis4:06 PM

    Jay Hay is clutch. Nobata looked pathetic.

    Lumber Company emblem dusted off momentarily.

  9. Travis4:07 PM

    Events looking very Merciful today at the plate and not in the field.

  10. Looks like the lowest run support this century was Seattle's Felix Hernandez in 2010, with 3.06 runs per start. AJ was sitting at 2.83. Seven runs today should raise that, but jeez seems like everyone plays like shit on days he starts. People usually don't like getting screamed at. Maybe instead of his teammates, he could try screaming at the decapitated rosin bag.

  11. It is all the shaving cream pies coming back to haunt him. Circus music CD has a skip in it, by the way. Josh Harrison paid the rent today.

  12. Bones2:01 AM

    Infielders all periodically blinded by shaving cream residue in their eyeball conjunctiva? If so, they might be expected to play poorly regardless of starter. They probably see a grounder heading towards them and think "I could get this but ... why don't you SHAVING CREAM PIE my effing ERROR, bitch? STFD!"

    When AJ retires, I'd be entertained if the Bucs retained him to be first or third base coach, where he could stand and swear up a storm while throwing sunflower seeds at the umps and opposing players. He could taunt every opponent runner forced out at first with a "STFD!". He could also storm around and berate the players with extreme profanity when they made errors or weren't in position or shifted right.