Saturday, July 27, 2013

Game 102: Pirates at Marlins

Morton and Koehler still in with the Bucs up 5-4 in the 5th. Cards lost earlier today, so a win would bring the Bucs to within one and a half games.


  1. Multiple hits from NFW, GFJ, and Iron Balls (IFB?) a nice development.

  2. Travis9:30 PM

    Obviously the Fort was awoken by Nubile Servants blasting Metallica this morning.

  3. IFB cleared .200 and is at .219 now. Trade value rising.

    If 2003 Reggie Sanders came out of retirement, could he be signed to take Tabata and Bickle under his wing? Could also be bench bat and spot RF.

    1. Anonymous10:11 PM

      And he knows kung fu!

      Spike Vrusho

  4. I wonder if Gaby had the whole gang over to his house for Alabama Slammers and Crystal Burgers?
    Bucco fan who held Morrison's shoulder after getting clocked in the head by same ham n' egger is front row hero. Too bad we couldn't bring Neil home from third.

  5. Travis9:50 PM

    Maybe the PBC needs to trade for a Designated Sacrifice Flyer?

  6. The 4-6-3 DP is maybe the third most exciting play in all of sports, behind the BUNT and SAC FLY.

  7. 2003 Reggie Sanders had only 2 SFs and ZERO bunts - maybe not the guy we need right now. Morneau has five sac flies on the year, he could be the DSF.