Friday, June 28, 2013

Meadows signs

Ninth overall pick Austin Meadows will sign with the first place PBC today, joining 14th overall pick Reese McGuire, who become BA's #3 and #6 Bucco prospects, respectively. The sudden massive increase in Upside into the new PBC Dynasty has shot the Beer Fort Hovercraft high up into the troposphere.


  1. Travis9:48 AM

    I see no ranking of relative BUNTing ability among these prospects, an obvious omission of evaluating MLB talent.

    Especially the isolated BUNTing a guy from 2nd to 3rd ability.

  2. Looks like in 2020, Austin will be a 6 at BUNTing, and only a 4 at BUNTing for a hit:

  3. I hope to see some of these greenhorn bunters playing against the Hudson Valley Renegades in the local "A" ball.