Saturday, June 29, 2013

Game 60: Brewers at Pirates

Not even tucking in this morning. More liquid first place on tap as we tailgate (off the hovercraft) for tonight's bender.

Hand and Liriano at seven.


  1. Pirates record must be what, 49-10?

  2. The FOX blackout has forced me to enter the hovercraft galley kitchen's walk-in Beer Fort ammo dump. What I have tonight is TWO specialty cans. The Stella Artois "goblet" can and the Budweiser "bowtie" can. Reminds me of the genuine good guy I hung out with last summer at Mullen's. He was a bartender at the Bowtie Bar inside PNC. Older guy. Great attitude, great bartender sense of humor. Enjoyed seeing him at Mullen's but could never make the Bowtie happen ("Private event" the bouncers say) Let us beat the Beermakers this evening and I hope that guy gets lots of tips! Someone tell Mr. Hand that this is OUR TIME....

  3. Anonymous8:13 PM

    Back to the US to find the Buccs the best record in baseball. Liver needs a rest.

    Iowa Pirate