Sunday, June 23, 2013

Game 56: Pirates at Angels

Charlie Morton and Joe Blanton at 3:30.

Blanton will be gunning for his 11th loss.


  1. Anthony Sanchez the DH robbed by scoreboard wall. Angels' Infield Grass Assault well-learned.

  2. Bones7:03 PM

    Out of town for three days to come back and find Tony Sanchez DHing, Pedro hitting third, and the bases juiced for Bickle in the 10th. Beer fort hovercraft additions to make into shape of Pentagon appear to be starting. Bases clearing single should lock this one up.

  3. Travis7:09 PM

    Whoa, Bickle is clutch yet again.

    I would like to formally redact my rants against him even though I still think he is a good 4th OF.

    One cannot argue with the results of Bickle's clutchness.

  4. Rowdy7:11 PM

    This one had a good ending.

  5. Travis7:17 PM

    Actually maybe it is just the veteranosity of Bickle and the way he goes about his business in the right way in clutch situations.

  6. Travis7:31 PM

    Grilli providing maximum entertainment and drama.

  7. Rowdy7:33 PM

    Grilli being a real joker.

  8. Anonymous10:44 PM

    When questioned regarding the Angels being the latest induction into the Pirates "Hall of Pain" Clint Hurdle shouted "Because that's what we do!

  9. Bones2:19 AM

    Cards lose again, one game back. Wow, what do they put in this beer?