Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Game 58: Pirates at Mariners

You don't want to walk and talk about Jeanmar, just want to see his face.


  1. Rowdy5:14 PM

    Damn these Mariners suck.

  2. Rowdy5:31 PM

    Except for the Sexy Beast, he doesn't suck. Timely homer there.

  3. Beer Fort Hovercraft diverted to Area 51 for retrofitting in preparation for Milwaukeean invasion of the Confluence at the weekend. God's lonely man has Bickled the west coast junior circuit with help from the Athletics. Power steaks on the off day helped.

  4. I can see the World Series Trophy from UP HERE!

    Recycled Jeanmar post 2-0 with last win being Pedro in the river.

    Astros bad habits rubbed off on Cards, who just passed out at a red light. Win to Bedard, Save to Veras? What do they put in this new Hovercraft beer?

  5. View from the attic of the Grapefruit League: I can see the Kissimmee Serpentarium from here! And the motel where those Houston Astros players got kidnapped and mugged (Morgan Ensberg Syndrome) We are no longer popping tags, we are at the Gucci emporium outlet in Grove City with a virgin Discover card and some vouchers from Isaly's. Enjoy, people.