Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Game 83: Diamondbacks at Pirates

Locke continues to make his case for a World Series start. Mikey to go for the D-bags.

Game on at 7.


  1. Sorry distracted by Belgians and choking Americans in extra time. Sheesh over here. Kirk Gibson is inspiring no one, including his own team.

  2. Isaac Davis comes through in the clutch with a line shot to right. That ain't half bad, as they say in east-central Ohia.

  3. Travis11:16 PM

    Happy belated birthday IP.

    My better half forced me to turn the game before the epic 9th inning and I only put up minimal resistance due to the lack of entertainment preceding the 9th.

    I see Grilli has already provided very little entertainment to Angels fans.

    I also unfortunately watched the Belgians go through the US defense like a hot knife through buttered waffles launching shot after shot at poor Timmy Howard in goal.

  4. Iowa Pirate11:17 PM

    At The Cell to tonight with some sox and angels fans. Waiting for Gilli in the twin bill. I like Ike!

  5. Iowa Pirate2:41 AM

    Grilli pitched but was shaky, again. I was in a suite and got hammered so it was like it didn't happen.