Saturday, June 28, 2014

Game 81: Mets at Pirates

Cole and Niese today at four. Josh F. Harrison will usher you to your seats, throw out the first pitch, sing the national anthem, hit for the cycle, then strikeout the side for his first save of the season.


  1. Iowa Pirate3:57 PM

    Need a win from Cole, I'm sure he knows it's my birthday. Wandering around Carson Street today.

  2. Iowa Pirate4:43 PM

    GFC not on his game as of yet.

  3. So much blue on these Mets uniforms its like the Hawaii 5-0 wave coming at you for crying out loud. J Hay as Marvel character Galactus, though he could not conquer the sun in left. McCutchen ready to go skateboarding with the flipped up hat bill. Nothing better than wins over the would be nice to engineer or BLUEprint a comeback win at this juncture.

  4. PS Happy birthday IP!!!! Go ogle the Mullen's bartenders for me!

    1. Iowa Pirate5:52 PM

      Thanks! Took care of that Thursday.