Friday, July 04, 2014

Game 86: Phillies at Pirates

Gerrit Cole and Paul Revere tonight at five.

The Bucs are 6.5 games out of first and will try to pick up some ground against the hapless last-place Phils. Happy Fourth everyone!


  1. Cutch just misses the unicycle. Quality gamesmanship today. Hope Cole isn't turning into a character from The Glass Menagerie. Looks less angry without the beard.

  2. Bones9:22 PM

    Entertained by this one. Whooped and danced around kitchen after Cutch's long towering drive, only to be surprised to watch it clang off the wall. So close to joining Daryle Ward in eternal fame. Mercer with the good Amurican post-game instructions: BLOW SOMETHING UP! (but safely)

  3. Iowa Pirate10:38 PM

    Stop drop and roll.