Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Game 151: Padres at Pirates

Stults and Locke at 7.

After last night's loss, I am expecting renewed enthusiasm and prowess at bunting and defensive shifts.


  1. This Padres team manhandled the Braves, now they come to town and mess with us? Do they want Oliver Perez back or something? The only thing worse than being Descalsoed is being Denorfiaed.

  2. Who is THIS Ronny Effing Cedeno? Flush the whole day with the annoying gNats winning twice, Cards and Reds both winning big. I'm going to tuck back in now. Maybe a winebox will help?

  3. Anyone else just a little tired of hearing about Gjerko's "Morgantown roots." OK we get it some people are from West Virginny. Hell, I had to work there with G. Ogden Nutting at an afternoon daily in Wheeling back when I was a post-collegiate whelp in 1986 when he decided to charge 10 cents per use of the Mr. Coffee machine, etc... Same with the Cards' guy Adams being a Slippery Rock grad. Enough already. This ain't Mars... Oh, wait, that is a local municipality as well....