Friday, March 28, 2008

HW Readers' Poll 2008

Only three more days, so last chance for season predictions. If you have a minute, please humor us in the comments:

1. How many games will the Pirates win in 2008?
2. Will the Pirates finish in last place? If not, who will?
3. 2008 whipping boy?
Any other predictions?

I'll start.
1. 66
2. We will.
3. Although my gut says Matt Morri$, it doesn't seem like he qualifies as a "boy", so I'll go with team player/enigma Ronny Ballgame.

Last year, I aced this thing. I predicted 67 wins (bested by seaks, who nailed 68), another basement victory, and that DL and Creech would be fired. This last prediction sparked the Great DL Debate of 2007, which ended with a pink slip for DL and six beers for me. I can't imagine a better outcome than that from these predictions. Not unless I predicted they'd play well and they did, which I won't predict because I don't see it. We will lose. A lot. Again. Same old reason : not enough talent, offense, pitching, and depth. Some will find that too negative, but it's just my honest prediction. It will take years for Coonington's hazmat crew to clean up the mess they waded into.

As for other predictions, Wiggy is back in the division. I see Wiggy bowling over a Bucco, either injuring Doumit or sliding untouched while Ronny drops the ball. Maybe both.

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