Monday, March 24, 2008

Pirates at Rays

Matt Morris will stand up straight at 1pm today.

Dejan Kovacevic returns to the PG with this bullpen analysis. I'd a thought the Pirates would keep Dumatrait in a starting role, but it appears he must be kept on the roster or the Pirates lose him.

So the story today is the Pirates are looking at Capps (CL), Marte (LHP), Grabow (LHP), most likely Burnett, who has had a great spring (LHP), Osoria (RHP), Dumatrait (LHP), five starters, and then one more guy. Kovacevic thinks Kim (RHP) or Meek (RHP).

Burnett has been tougher on righties than lefties, as Kovacevic explains, so he could be counted in the RHP column.

If the choice is Kim or Meek, no doubt I'd take Meek. Kim has not been good, and he's not likely to be good in April. There's no point in looking beyond that point when considering not-looking-good veteran relievers. If the Pirates let him go, someone will likely grab him, and on the other hand, guys like this are often made available. There must be a few veteran relievers as good as Kim, and now on other teams, who are likely to get cut soon and made available to the Pirates.

Guys like Meek, on the other hand, are harder to come by. I would carry him and keep him so long as he pitched well, as he's doing now. If he becomes a mess, you give him back.

Finally, there should be a chance the Pirates start the year with only four starters. With all the rainouts and days off the team usually sees in April, it's possible the Pirates won't need a fifth starter for weeks. (EDIT: But not likely. As azibuck comments, unless a game is cancelled in Atlanta or Florida in week one, they will need a fifth starter on Sunday, April 6.) So the team could carry Meek and Kim. It's always possible that one of the other relievers will need some time on the DL, so if the team gives up one of those guys to carry a starter they don't use, that's somewhat unfortunate.

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