Sunday, April 01, 2007

HW readers poll: 2007

Only three more days, so last chance for season predictions. If you have a minute, please humor us in the comments:

1. How many games will the Pirates win in 2007?
2. Will the Pirates finish in last place? If not, who will?
3. Any other predictions?

We'll start it off.
1. Last year, we did the same team record poll. Rowdy refused to seriously participate (going with 112 wins). I went with 75, 8 wins too optimistic. Of all the votes, 90% were too optimistic.

This year, Rowdy is seriously going with 81 wins. Trying to negatively counterbalance that irrationally optimistic prediction, I'm going to lower the bar way down, and go with 67. The inability to consistently score runs combined with paper-thin depth will ensure the usual massive helping of losing. Averaged, that makes an official HW prediction of 74 wins.

2. Yes, Bucs last.

3. 2007 will be the end of the road for DL and Creech. Excessive losing generates intense public dissatisfaction, inspiring Bob Nutting to look more carefully at why this team stinks.

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