Friday, October 13, 2006

Nobel Peace prize for hangover-curing powers

News that the microloan dude won the Nobel Peace prize reminds me to plug, my favorite internet charity thing.

With this website, you can lend money to people far away through PayPal. They use it for six months or a year, then pay you back. Then you cash out or lend it again.

One of my favorite deserving entrepreneurs is Juan Quinto. All I know about him is that photo and the text of his loan application, which mentions that his restaurant specializes in "encebollado," which features an "incredible mix of ingredients, including albacore tuna, onions, yucca, and lime." This dish is a favorite in Ecuador for "its hangover-curing powers." All hail Juan Quinto! Have fun spending my money, Juan, and don't forget--I want it back.

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