Sunday, October 08, 2006

NFL week 5: Steelers at Bolts

Years ago they'd bill tonight's game as the Master (Marty Schottenheimer) against the Student (Bill Cowher). There was a stretch of time where the Steelers travelled to Kansas City every year for a Monday night game with such billing.

It would be appropriate tonight, too, because the coaching and the game plan will make the difference. Cowher and his staff once did wonders by limiting Roethlisberger's role in the offense. When not asked to do too much, he exceeded expectations.

The Super Bowl victory, the retirement of Jerome Bettis, and the whole near-death motocycle experience have elevated Roethlisberger's role on the team, perhaps to a point that's higher than a man of his age can handle. So I'd like to see him put back on that same short leash he once found so comfortable.

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