Monday, October 09, 2006

Drilling Jeff Kent

Hilarious recap now at Deadspin of Scott Ostler's even-better San Francisco Chronicle report on the fantasy-driven deceptions of Tom Candiotti.

For sure I think that fantasy sports and the correlating increase in attention to individual achievement hurts teams like the Pirates. For sure I doubt that our players care enough about winning. For sure I think that the right manager, say Jim Leyland, would get much better results mainly by more effectively motivating these young men.

As much as I like Freddy Sanchez, which is a lot, my disenchantment with the Go Freddy Go stuff, which Bones mocked in mid-September, comes from my sense that the team and the fans were going to accept that consolation prize and feel good about a season that otherwise went as mind-numbingly bad as a season could possibly go.

Once a team starts the year 30-60, there is nothing that can redeem that failure.

That's just my opinion, I know, but the fact that it's not widely shared is something that I find discouraging and, possibly, a part of the self-perpetuating failure that grips the franchise.

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