Sunday, July 30, 2006

Twelve teams scouting Pittsburgh

Dejan Kovacevic reports twelve teams scouted the Pirates last night.

He also reports that the Rockies are believed to want John Grabow for Ryan Shealy. From what we know, which is "not much of anything," the Rockies are sitting on that offer for Jeremy Affeldt. Affeldt? If I'm Colorado, I keep waiting.

I can understand why the proven contenders are not so interested in the unproven Shealy. He's a player with much more value to the Pirates than to, say, the Red Sox.

Hell yeah I'd give them Grabow for Ryan Shealy. That's the kind of chance the Pirates must take if they ever hope to raise their ship from the deep.

I make the trade unless, of course, Grabow can play first as well as he pitches. Then I'd keep Grabow and move him there. I like John Grabow.

The rest of the article is interesting in that it features Bay and Jack Wilson looking up to the Florida Marlins.

... now behind the pay wall at Baseball Prospectus, Will Carroll reports that three teams, including the Reds, are asking about Craig Wilson. "But once again," he writes, "the Pirates are asking for the moon. Here's hoping DL gets something at least moon-like for No. 36.

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