Monday, July 31, 2006

Pirates enter Soriano chase

Sike, we wish that was the news. Interesting line from Will Carroll's report on the Marlins calling for Soriano:

The more involved issue is the potential shadow of the new CBA, with teams worried that a de facto salary floor might be put in place. Teams that have bottomed out the payroll would rather not make Royal-style veteran mediocrity signings, and are looking to see if there are fits or long-term signings that would make the bottom line more favorable looking to the teams writing revenue sharing checks.

With the players looking up to Florida as getting it right, we'd hope the Pirates front office would pay attention to this point. Last November, before the Casey signing, the Randa signing, and the Burnitz signing, some half-drunk blogger argued the Pirates should do likewise with their money. There's the issue of one guy making tons more than all the other guys, but I doubt this is a problem when that one guy is really good. It's far worse, I further guess, to have a handful of mediocre guys making a lot more money than everyone else.

I'd love to see the Pirates go into 2007 with one bona fide top-tier free-agent acquisition and a cast of pre-arb competitors.

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