Thursday, September 18, 2014

Game 152: Red Sox at Pirates

Cole and Workman starting soon. Does the cheapskate owner of the hapless Bosox even care about winning?


  1. Great win, great streak. Bucs are playing great ball at just the right time. If only they could go about their business a little more advancing runners from station to station with the most exciting play in all of baseball, the sacrifice BUNT.

  2. Love the kickball play at third. Struck by a batted ball!!! Defending World Champs are a bunch of ham n' eggers! Brewers flight to Pitt will get in during wee hours and Zach Duke will distract bus driver with bad directions and they end up in Washington, Pa.

  3. Bones1:07 AM

    Yeah the out by batted ball was sweet. You don't see that too often, and with tying runner on third in ninth with no outs, was clutch. Rats, Cards win in the 13th. Setting up dramatic final stretch for the 2014 NL Central and WS Champions PBC DVD.