Sunday, September 14, 2014

Game 149: Cubs at Pirates

Turner and Volquez starting soon.

At 78-70, the Pirates are 3.5 back of the Cardinals and up 1.5 over the slumping Brewers. If the season ended today, the Pirates would be the last playoff seed.


  1. Iowa Pirate3:11 PM

    Grass Assaulted. Jay Hay All Day with a side of Bickle.

  2. J-Hay is the Black Ichiro. Neil Walker wearing his varsity letter jacket today for sure. Volquez bling has Oil Can Boyd qualities...

  3. Travis4:42 PM

    Pistol whipping these bad teams is getting to be NBD.

    The Beer Fort needs to be well stocked for the coming storm against the big boys.

    Jay Hay locking in on the Batting Title.

    Paydro locking in on the pine and a massive amount of lost Revenue by betting on himself.

  4. Rowdy8:18 PM

    Sweet triple play.