Friday, August 15, 2014

Game 122: Pirates at Nationals

Morton and Roark in a possible NLCS Championship preview.

Not sure why the league lets Walgreens--a pharmacy--sponsor a team, but there it is. I guess the D.C. fans just yawn when evidence of doping is that obvious. It's a pretty jaded town.

No worries. The Nats can take all the pills they want, and Charlie Morton should still handle them nbd.


  1. Bones8:20 PM

    AFLR appears to have recovered from ALRD?

  2. Travis10:26 PM

    Glad to see Mercer PH at least, I was beginning to fear a visit to Dr. Andrews for an elbow replacement.

    Maybe Jordy visited the Walgreens store inside the stadium for some magic healing pills.

  3. Jay Hey Foul Out To End It Most Painful. Someone abduct their catcher again!