Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Game 120: Pirates at Tigers

The Vanimal and Farmer underway. Bucs are down 1-0 in the third, and are just 1.5 games out of first. The Don Kelly posters in the Beer Fort have been vandalized with sharpie mustaches.


  1. Iowa Pirate9:44 PM

    I wonder who Locke has money on?

  2. I see the ROOT sports promos with the slo-mo Pedro making a barehanded throw from third. I see McCutchen turning on a fastball. Walker raising his arms and delighting the Route 8 crowd and the skells at Huntz's Bar. I miss these guys. Bickle is now running red lights in bad neighborhoods and is wearing his bulky army jacket with the special slide bat that comes out of his wrist. He wants to know if Buck Farmer is talking to him.