Sunday, May 18, 2014

Games 42 and 43: Pirates at Yankees

Bucs up 1-0 in game one after NFW's ninth jack. Morton's in trouble in the bottom of the first, with bases juiced and no outs.


  1. Iowa Pirate1:29 PM

    Come the F on Chuck!

  2. Marte will have to check his golden sombrero hatbox at LaGuardia Airport...

  3. Iowa Pirate4:15 PM

    Not a bad start from Chuck after the bad start.

  4. Iowa Pirate8:18 PM

    Winning 1 out of 3 every time in not going to get it done.

    1. Iowa Pirate8:20 PM

      I sound like a math major, sorry if you are intimidated by my intellect.

  5. Is that some type of new-fangled "data analysis" you learned over at Bucs Dugout, where they actually site the ESPN Gamecast "win probability" percentage as part of their unmatched scholarship?

  6. Travis9:23 AM

    As creative is this team was in winning last year, it has been just as creative at losing this year.

    My hamstring tightened while I was walking upstairs to type this. Does that mean I have a place in the PBC outfield?

    Besides that Polanco guy is all hype anyway. He claims to never have had a hamstring injury or tightening.