Friday, May 23, 2014

Game 46: Nationals at Pirates

Zimmerman and Morton tonight. Grilli activated, Sanchez sent down.


  1. Isaac Davis keeps his hit parade going, from the clean-up spot. Messin' with Sasquatch plays outfield for Nats and it is not even extra innings.

  2. Travis10:20 PM

    Curious how many blown saves it takes for to end the Grilli era.

    Obviously, I have no faith in Grilled Cheese being served.

  3. Travis10:24 PM

    Obviously, Grilli lives to fight another day to oppose my opinion.

    It would appear the cleanup spot is just too much pressure for Paydro.

    Chuck Morton becoming an anchorman in the rotation.

  4. Grilli is now a junkballer closer, perhaps the second coming of Mike Williams. Post-game interview was classic super-awkward ROOT Sports boilerplate, including the book-signing plug. Still waiting for Enrique Romo's autobiography.

  5. Travis10:51 PM

    Also waiting for the Kevin Polcovich "Freak Show" autobiography.

  6. Iowa Pirate11:14 PM

    Can of corn for J-Hay

  7. Iowa Pirate9:19 AM

    @GrillCheese49: I'll be at Barnes & Noble from 11-12PM today signing copies of my book! Be there! 100 W Bridge St, Homestead, PA #BUCN