Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Game 39: Pirates at Brewers

Liriano (0-3, 4.64) and Peralta.

Liriano turns his season around, right here.


  1. Natural Born Bunters. Mickey & Mallory Knox on the loose in Wisconsin.

  2. Margay partay

  3. Lol martay

  4. Iowa Pirate11:03 PM

    Ship docked in New Berlin, Wisconsin headed to Miller Park tomorrow with Iowa Pirate Jr. and Drunken Uncle. Like the way this one is going!

  5. Bones1:56 AM

    Awesome IP! Untuck for all of us and stay away from all their PEDs. Watched and was entertained by this win. Except for the first inning gaffe of Davis running over to field a routine groundball to NFW and then lob it to ... ? But he atoned, Marte went about his business, Stewart actually did something good, and the best PBC reliever closed it out. Could have had some Tony Sanchez fist pumps at the end, but overall a sweet victory worthy of Lagunita's Little Sumpin' Sumpin Ale (7.5 abv).