Sunday, May 11, 2014

Game 37: Cardinals at Pirates

Miller and Morton tonight at eight as the PBC goes for the sweep for mothers everywhere.


  1. We might see some of the game on ESPN. The rest will be a bloody informercial for Disney/ESPN's promotion of the Jon Hamm movie "Million Dollar Arm" (of lies) which deifies Rinku and Danesh, our wonderfully top notch aces served up by MLB International shills on holiday in India way back when. First Cy Young winner from India, first World SEries MVP from India. It is gonna suck. The movie tie-in is probably the sole reason the coveted Sunday Night Baseball coverage was given to the Buccos. Curry all around!

    1. Iowa Pirate5:52 PM

      Jaan Pahechan Ho walk up song for everyone.

  2. Hunting Knife and the Drag Queen breaking the record for mound conferences in this one.

  3. And the JAAAF Decker eraaaa begins...

  4. Travis11:42 PM

    Wow, there may be a glimmer of hope for a broom to sweep the latest Bullpen excrement under the pink rug.

  5. That was a craptastic ending. Ike and Jordy Show folds the tent. Oh well. Goodnight Mrs. Nutting.

  6. A game only a mother could love. Needs less languor. Double play to the pitcher home to first, quite Barmesque.

  7. Iowa Pirate12:23 AM

    "A game only a mother could love", good one Bones. I like how they battled back even though it doesn't mean Jack. JAAF and Troy do a shampoo commercial, bank on it.