Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Games 13 and 14: Pirates at Reds

Home run derby resumes at 5:30 followed by Cole and Leake on Free T-Shirt Day.


  1. That one was tidied up nicely by the bullpen. Now for Cole .45's complete game shutout. Or at least a 10-9 win with lots of video replay challenges and overturning and umpires wearing DJ headsets standing in foul territory staring into space dreaming of Lionel train sets...Leake asking for good ratings as an eBay seller of shirts. His Polaroid picture is on the wall of shame at local Kohl's.

  2. Rowdy9:06 PM

    Leaks homers.

  3. Iowa Pirate9:15 PM

    Gym Bag give away next home stand.

  4. Rowdy9:58 PM

    Neil's All-Star season, right here?

  5. T-shirt stealer Leake should try out for the Cubs as he was a single and triple away from the cycle for chrissakes. The Frazier IW was baffling in many ways. Not enough bunting or Warning Track Assault. Great American is too big, they need to move the fences in otherwise I will officially challenge all fly balls until the umpires break the plane and ground causes a fumble.