Thursday, April 17, 2014

Game 16: Brewers at Pirates

Gallardo and Volquez tonight at seven. Prepare to untuck.


  1. Travis8:22 PM

    Obviously, the ectoplasm container developed a massive leak on the road trip.

    Hopefully it will be refilled soon.

  2. Brewers bungling another sacrifice bunt.

  3. Rowdy9:16 PM


  4. Travis11:01 PM

    Hitting HRs off of Wei-Chung Wang is really easy.

    Obviously, Wei-Chung Wang is a double agent planted by NH so he can get reclaimed eventually by the PBC.

  5. Missed the game, can't believe so many BUNTS went yard.

  6. Iowa Pirate11:45 PM

    Was on the road to Norfolk today, Iowa Pirate Jr. returning from 9 months at sea. Rare treat got to listen to the Altoona Curve take on the Richmond Flying Squirrels, Richmond announcer discribed Kingham as Large Man.

    Pirates must be drinking our of Braun's water bottle.

  7. Zach Duche returns to hill pre-Wang. Missed late slugfest because of night shift in taxi. Couldn't believe lame Craigslist-style Yahoo sports game graphic updates on my Alcatel AT&T "cell phone." Every time I pull into the Shell station on NY Route 9G Pedro hits a bomb! Jay Hey bunt clears left field wall! Entertained.

  8. Rowdy1:21 PM

    It was a magnificent display of high, towering bunts. The game was pretty tight until near the end, when the Brewers could not get a bunt down. Next at-bat the Pirates bunting all over the place and next thing you know, it's 11-2.