Monday, April 21, 2014

Game 20: Reds at Pirates

Liriano and Leake starting soon on Free T-Shirt Day.


  1. Bucco storylines to be botched by ESPN announcers tonight:
    1. The Only One Jordy Mercer/Barmes situation at short
    2. The Gymbag & Isaac situation at first
    3. How LeBron would react to Liriano's stuff
    4. How Mike Trout would react to the Pirates not doing a single Head & Shoulders commercial in the past two seasons.
    5. The Brandon Phillips meets Carlos Gomez situation relative to pissing off the Pirates.

  2. Cancel all five of those. ESPN has but ONE theme for tonight's "game" BILLY HAMILTON IS THE FASTEST PLAYER IN BASEBALL. Repeat. Repeat. They didn't even set the defense with a graphic in the first innning. Why bother? Team sports are is all about pushing SINGULAR PERSONALITY to reap maximum sponsorships. Thanks Disney, I'm switching to the Reds broadcast on Directv!

  3. Bones8:21 PM

    Ike LaRoche clears the bases! Free T-Shirts for all!

  4. The child grew and was weaned, and on the day Isaac was weaned Abraham held a great feast.
    -- Genesis 21:7

  5. Travis8:34 PM

    It appears Ike Laroche may have been a clone of Adam in a science experiment to cure ALD.

    All hail the genome project scientists!

  6. Finally WE get some breaks and the cover doesn't come off the ball during a routine grounder to third. Lawsuit against Haitian baseball workers now pending by PBC, but Nuttings have opted for Wheeling lawyer who represented the Marsh Stogies in the tobacco wars...

  7. Bones1:59 AM

    Wow I hope the Martin vs. Maldonado charity bout goes down. Nutting could make a pretty penny on this and should consider arranging for a summer off day in PNC.