Sunday, April 20, 2014

Game 19: Brewers at Pirates

Estrada and Cole starting soon.

We will be out on the Beer Porch this afternoon, soaking up the good pistol-whipping we expect the Pirates to inflict.


  1. Rowdy3:10 PM

    Interested to hear Spike's expert opinion of that bench clearing.

  2. Iowa Pirate3:20 PM

    Bickle stands up Mother F'rs!

  3. Have just descended the Catskill Mountains where Easter lunch was consumed with family. Cole spinning gem. I have missed handbags???

  4. From what I can piece together, Mr. Hot Dog Gomez was selling tickets to "Showboat" and nobody was buyin', especially Bickle and Mssr. Russell. Let's just walk Braun from now on and spare us this nonsense?

  5. Funny brawl started by Cole yapping at Cargo's admiration of his towering fly out. Justin Wilson gets out of the jam.

  6. Travis9:17 PM

    Unfortunately, this is not the beginning, nor the end, but the beginning of the end of the Grilli implosion.

    Bickle gained much respect from me today for goin Gomez tipping.