Monday, March 31, 2014

2014 HW Readers Poll

Finally, that time of year again!

1. How many wins?
2. How many bunts?
3. 2014 Whipping Boy?
4. Other predictions?

I'll start. 100 wins. 63 bunts (1 more than last year, not counting the playoff and World Series bunts). Travis Ishikawa is primed to Jonathan Sanchez his way on out of here. Josh Harrison will be starting at 1B and RF by May 1st. Jordy Mercer pinch-bunts for an inside-the-park home run. Marte wins World Series MVP as the Bucs defend their World Champion title.


  1. 1. 96 wins
    2. 47 bunts
    3. Ishikawa
    4. Polanco wins Rookie of the Year, Cole wins the Cy Young. Sticking with Cole, he hurls his first no-hitter before May is out. Cutch takes the batting title and MVP. Pedro with 43 HRs.

  2. Travis9:45 AM

    89 Wins

    64 BUNTS, but it is the threat of an all out Infield Grass Assault and its impact on the game that cannot be underestimated.

    Too obvious, but Whipping Boys will occupy RF until Polanco arrives.

    After a shaky start and almost BUNTing his eye out, Polanco vectors all of his 5 tools into an expert BUNTer. Paydro lifts one into the river on the fly. Jordy finally wrestles SS away from teacher's pet BarmOUT. Cole repeatedly says STFD to opposing batting lineups. Martin emerges to take hold of the C/1B/RF position opening. Clint chokes on a wad of gum and his other brother Clint performs the heimlich maneuver in the dugout. After pitching a shutout in the World Series, Wandy shows off his new bionic elbow. After the World Series parade celebration, AJ crashes it in a Batman costume and splatters a pie in the face of Series MVP Cole while he is speaking at podium.

  3. Iowa Pirate9:12 PM

    1. 90 wins
    2. 39 bunts
    3. Whoever plays SS
    4. Niel Walker hits a walk off homer to beat the Cubs in the opener. I feel extra innings also. Marte goes crazy and the fans think of a nickname for left field like 6 pack city or beer related. Barry Bonds takes over Manny's Grill.

  4. I get a tardy for checking in so late! Missed you guys. Long winter.
    1. 96 wins
    2. 43 bunts
    3. Jordy Mercer
    4. Bickle breaks out big time because of Travis overdose on roster already. Magic Wandy wins his first 10 starts. Vendor guy behind home plate wears Bucs Future Uniform that Ed Sprague wore during a visit to Shea Stadium when both teams wore "future" uniforms. As I am not that phoney Paul Lukas fashion reporter from, I will not provide a link showing you what they looked like. Oi!

  5. I will make the most of the fact that I got to see six games first. Seeing as they are 4-2 with 2 bunts ...

    1. 108 wins
    2. 54 bunts
    3. Jordy Mercer (431 OPS today)
    4. Pirates fedora (May 3) goes for $50 on ebay, the day after the game. Goo Goo Dolls wear Pirates' future uniforms onstage for their June Skyblast! appearance. HW name-checked in giddy post-WS Championship interview by Neil Walker.