Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Game 139: Pirates at Brewers

Peralta and Liriano tonight with 82 on the line.

Prepare to untuck again.


  1. Rowdy6:39 PM

    I am so untucked already. 21 straight winning seasons, that has to be a record.

  2. Anonymous10:27 PM

    Clearance rack catch.

    Iowa Pirate

  3. Missed early innings because I was out with T-Plush. Enjoying trail bologna purchased along route 28 in Kittaning. It does not contain Pinmentals, by the way. Stranded runner hostages will need rescuing from this contest...send hockey types for brawling purposes.

  4. Bones2:01 AM

    Glad I missed innings 3-9. NBD, flush it. We've waited 20 years for the opportunity of a 21st consecutive winning season, I can wait a few more days. Allen Craig in boot, Molina caught 16 straight innings: advantage PBC.