Monday, September 02, 2013

Game 137: Pirates at Brewers

Tyler Thornburg and Charlie Morton soon. New fortified PBC starting lineup ready to untuck.

Meanwhile, the Cards are bunting down 4-1 in the third to the Reds.


  1. Bones3:10 PM

    Wow that Pedro double play will make the 2013 World Champions DVD Highlight Montage.

  2. Travis4:06 PM

    Chuck Morton appears to have enriched his curveball fully to weapons grade with some spare Ectoplasm brought from NYC.

  3. Travis4:10 PM

    Spike probably brought and dropped off some more canisters at PNC park last week.

  4. Bones4:10 PM

    Morton bunting and singling circles around the hapless Brewers.

  5. Bones4:11 PM

    Gorzelanny's arm is sore from waving White Flag.

  6. Travis4:34 PM

    Hasabata must have transferred his Space Cadet mode to Paydro out in the field on that missed throw failed catch.

  7. Walker's NY Times exposure today carried that ball out of Stroh's Park. My favorite Mullen's bartender is now stripping in Butler, I'm told, so the ectoplasm was kept under lock and key at the Hyatt in the appropriate zinc-lined Thermos. Its byproduct is anti-matter, so one must be as careful as Jared Hughes at a Versailles fish-and-goose soiree entime. Nice win ground Chuck he is gonna be key.