Friday, July 05, 2013

Pops is back

Stargell ectoplasm propels the Pirates, writes Spike Vrusho.


  1. Travis11:35 PM

    Great prose Spike, very entertained.

    They walk to get to Liriano and he delivers today at the plate, then between the legs stabs of one hoppers???

    Ectoplasm must be airborne and contagious.

    Heck even Tabata may have been infected.

  2. Entertained by: "All we have is a shy Michael Keaton on the occasional talk show and rapper Wiz Khalifa shilling for the omnipresent Steelers of the National Felons League."

    Spike, Rowdy asked me if your dog Mazzy was named after Lee Mazzilli or Mazzy Star, and I said no I think Mazeroski, duh. Was I right or is it Vin Mazzaro?

    1. Anonymous7:18 PM

      See below. I forgot about the reply button.

      Amish Spike

  3. Mr. B:
    Mazzy is named after our Hall of Fame second baseman, though I am a huge fan of Mazzy Star so when goth chicks ask me I say Mazzy Star. Maz is a girl, I thought of naming her Vera (Mrs. Clemente) but deferred for respect reasons and went with the Maz angle. When we pass Cooperstown in the car, she cries.
    As for Mssr Mazzaro, I like his pizza parlor presence and his perfect batterymate would be the very Barbarino-esque Sal Fasano.