Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Game 62: Phillies at Pirates

Pirates getting their second chance to continue their 19 game winning streak.

No score in the third. Lannan and Locke pitching.


  1. Anonymous8:52 PM

    Paydro wins the crowd. I knew Boris was right about this kid.

    Iowa Pirate

  2. Anonymous9:16 PM

    Barmas makes that play, don't you think Travis?

    Iowa Pirate

  3. Travis9:57 PM

    Ironically, I was driving right near Filthadelphia and I was listening to the Philly radio station during that play.

    They said it was hard hit, but he should have had it.

    So I gotta trust you IP in that BarmOUT makes that play especially since it wouldn't have involved testing his weak arm.

    1. Anonymous10:38 PM

      I couldn't resist. I agree with you, Jordy is an upgrade over Clint's stepson Clint.

      Iowa Pirate

  4. Enjoyed the ectoplasm, Spike - will post link. Didn't know you mowed the PBC insignia into your back yard.

    Checked in once soon after Petey went yard, then again after Grilli regressed a bit to the WIN. Reds getting their bunt on in the 11th as the Cards chase after the streaking Beer Fort Pentagon Hovercraft. Entertained.

  5. Grilli with the Mike Williams ectoplasm this evening. Crowded ballpark. Regatta fireworks. Multitasking yinzers. Cutch about to show Bickle how to clean up the streets with a real rain. Somehow I was comforted by the return of Tabata. Inge has taken to wearing CATS contact lenses...he should be designated to off-Broadway or Wheeling Dinner Theater with Doc and Chickie during which Mrs. Nutting sings songs about making money...

  6. 19 in a row!! They will entertain.