Friday, June 14, 2013

Game 47: Dodgers at Pirates

Fife and Locke, soon.


  1. Rowdy7:13 PM

    Erased all memory of yesterday's game. An accident, but it feels right.

    Impressed with Puig's bunting.

  2. Barmes with a Sydney Carton night. Booed at the plate, cheered in the field. Strange lad. An enigma wrapped in a riddle. A travesty of a mockery of sham of a lie at the plate, but fine-tuned in the field it would seem. I am baffled by his presence and his Guns N' Roses walk-up song.

  3. Rowdy9:04 PM

    Locke making his case for MVP.

  4. Can we trade Barmes and Zagurski for Kuwata's nephew and/or Don Kelly's brother? How high will Locke's trade value rise? Will he pitch in the All Star Game? Who in the hell is Brandon Cumpton? Can he bunt? Or make a spot start in RF?

  5. Hurdle on Cumpton: "He’s developed organizationally."

    Cumpton has gotten organizized?