Saturday, June 08, 2013

Game 43: Pirates at Cubs

Burnett and Samardzija today.

We missed the win yesterday, after waking up late covered in Upside. Here in the Beer Fort War Room, Rowdy is on the top of our board.


  1. Travis4:31 PM

    If whipping boy Bickle "draws a walk" and trots down to first base with the bases loaded and 2 OUTS and THE PITCHER ONE DECK.

    I may throw up all over the TV today. If I'm Hurdle, I tell Bickle you better at least make contact with the ball and I don't care if you strike out and look like an idiot, DO NOT WALK or you are benched.

  2. Travis4:35 PM

    I'm NOT entertained by BarmOUT GIDP with guy on 1st and 3rd 1 out.

    I guess Mercer's 2 hits yesterday were not enough for Hurdle to be merciful today.

  3. Bones4:39 PM

    Where's BarmOUT when you need him? BarmTWOOUTS sucks even more.

  4. Bones4:49 PM

    Bickle stands up!

    Three SS drafted so far. Hopefully their UPSIDE can wash away Barmes' stench someday.

  5. Bones5:01 PM

    Samardzijagina with the BUNT. Entertained.

  6. Devil's parachute hairdo doing a lot of quick neck turns to the outfield. Bickle can't sleep nights.

  7. Bones5:30 PM

    Rowdy taken by the Blue Jays where Jose Bautista can take him under his wing. Meanwhile, Samanjina getting roughed up.

  8. Bones5:42 PM

    Four runs of run support for A.J.?!? A.J.'s no-no gets broken up.

  9. Bones5:43 PM

    Marte 16 SB, 8 CS. Starling needs to learn how to run FASTER.

  10. Pedro playing both sides of the ball. His HR landed on the streets beyond right field. Wehner needs to stop using the word "remarkable."

    1. Anonymous9:37 PM

      Winning the crowd.

      Iowa Pirate

  11. Blueprints arrived today for construction of Beer Pentagon.

  12. Anonymous11:21 PM

    Headed to Wrigley tomorrow.

    Iowa Pirate