Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Game 41: Pirates at Braves

Locke vs. Minor and likely some vicious, gladiator-style umpiring.


  1. Travis8:59 AM

    Fortunately, I was tuned into the other vicious bloodletting in Pittsburgh on the frozen ice, allowing me to miss the PBC beat down.

    I'm not sure if my whipping boy Snider again winning the crowd and his manager with the walk-off hit Sunday will turn out to be a good thing long term.

    He has more holes in his swing than my yard does from a chipmunk grass assault.

  2. Despite his resemblance to Greg Brady, I say I like the cut of Jeff Locke's jib. Nice 1st inning Ks.!!! Scoreless lad!

  3. Travis7:42 PM

    Sanchez leads off with what hopefully will be a General Sherman assault campaign on Atlanta.

  4. Travis9:09 PM

    Actually, with Sanchez and Paydro this appears to be a Spanish campaign.

  5. Travis9:25 PM

    I feel like even though Locke was at 103 pitches, his arm would not fall off at 110 pitches or less.

    This 100 pitch count limit drives me nuts.

    1. Anonymous12:35 AM


      Iowa Pirate

  6. There is no Jerry Meals anywhere to be found in Craplanta tonight. We need Bickle to fill up his cigar box with crumpled $20 bills thrown at him by Otis Nixon's legal aid attorney.

  7. Pedro above .200 but outBUNTed again in another meaningless scrimmage. Maybe beer will help.