Thursday, January 10, 2008

Redbeard and Russell

Two items of note in the Post-Gazette today.

One, the Pirates have approached Adam LaRoche about a deal that covers his arbitration years plus one or two more. With all the first-base types on the team, it is interesting that they are ready to sign up LaRoche for awhile. What are they going to do with Pearce? I thought he played well enough to warrant a clear path to 2008 playing time. Maybe no?

It could mean the Pirates regard LaRoche as a fixture, or it could mean that they believe he will be more tradeable if he came with a fixed price tag. I'm not sure what it means. I guess that's what makes it interesting.

In other Dejan Kovacevic news, it looks like Russell will do his managerial duty of furnishing us with amusing quotes. If Mac's were profanity-laden, and Tracy's were nonsensical, Russell's look to be candid, perhaps. We will see.

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